Charlotte Kelschenbach

Zum Verstehen und Mitreden

Book illustration on the subject of renewable energies in cooperation with the authors Christian Holler, Joachim Gaukel, Harald Lesch and Florian Lesch. 2021

Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are "out": Their use is exacerbating climate change and we must replace them as soon as possible. Just what are good alternatives? And are other energy sources sufficient to satisfy our hunger for energy in the future? Are they as reliable as the old energy suppliers? In this book, which is illustrated in full color, the authors, together with the students who designed the book, examine briefly, clearly and comprehensibly what renewable energies from sun, water or geothermal energy can achieve in terms of energy technology and how they can be compared with one another. The right book for everyone who wants to think along, participate in the discussion and have an influence on our energies of the future.

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